Useful information on bookkeeping:

What is bookkeeping? Bookkeeping consists of creating and maintaining an organization’s financial records. It involves consistently recording a company’s financial transactions, as well as the archiving and securing storage of financial documentation. When bookkeeping is handled properly, the information is […]

Our bookkeeping services

Our bookkeeping services are offered through Quckbooks online. The financial documents we can provide include but not limited to: Balance sheet Profit & Loss Expense reports Expenses by Vendor Summary Cash flow A/R & A/P Monthly sales report Monthly reconciliation […]

Why bookkeeping?

Why do you need to do bookkeeping? Why is it important for your business and its success? There are several reasons for this, but some of them that you may think about include the following: Bookkeeping helps you manage your […]

2024 tax revision

2024 tax revision It is expected that there is going to be tax revision in 2024 mainly targeting businesses and high-income individuals. For example, the corporate income tax rate (which is currently 21%) is about to increase to 28%. As […]