1. License class for beer sales. 
The New York Liquor Authority recognizes and awards ten different classes of license for the sale of beer. You need to consider the type of establishment you wish to operate and apply for the appropriate license class.

  • Drug store beer or grocery store beer. This license allows sale of beer in a drug store or grocery store for off-premises consumption.
  • Drug store or grocery store beer/wine product. This license allows the sale of beer or wine “products,” which include added ingredients or juices, such as wine coolers.
  • Eating place beer. The sale of beer is incidental to the sale and consumption of food.
  • Hotel beer. The operator of a hotel may apply for a license to sell beer to patrons, either in a bar, room service, or for take-out.
  • Club beer. The operator of a club may sell beer to its members. For the purpose of this license, a “club” is not a nightclub but is rather an organization of members for a common purpose, such as an Elks Club or VFW.
  • Ball park beer. For on-premises sale and consumption of beer at baseball fields, racetracks or other similar athletic venues.
  • Microbrewery. License to produce or brew up to 60,000 barrels of beer. May include sale to licensees. Does not include retail sale to consumers.
  • Restaurant brewer. Allows on-site brewing and sale of beer at an operating pub or restaurant.
  • Supplemental restaurant brewer. Allows a restaurant brewer to sell for off-premises consumption or events.

2. License class for wine sales. 
The New York Liquor Authority identifies five separate classes of licenses for the sale of wine, in addition to the drug store or grocery store licenses mentioned above. Some of the wine licenses may be awarded in conjunction with beer licenses noted above.

  • Restaurant wine. The operator of a restaurant may sell wine and beer to customers.
  • Hotel wine. Allows on-premises sale of wine in a hotel bar, lounge or room service.
  • Club wine. Allows on premises sale of wine or beer for club members.
  • Tavern wine. Allows sale for on-premises consumption of wine or beer at a tavern.
  • Wine store. License to sell wine only (not beer or liquor) for off-premises consumption.

3. License class for liquor sales. 
Five different licenses allow for the sale of liquor, as opposed to wine or beer. The selection of the license class will depend on the type of establishment that you wish to operate.

  • Liquor store. This license is for the sale of liquor and wine (not beer) for off-premises consumption.
  • Hotel liquor. Allows on-premises consumption of liquor in a hotel bar, lounge or room service.
  • Club liquor. Allows for on premises consumption of liquor for club members.
  • On-premises liquor. This license allows on-premises consumption of liquor, wine or beer, as at a traditional bar. Food must be available for sale.
  • Cabaret liquor. Allows on-premises consumption of liquor, wine or beer at an establishment that provides primarily musical entertainment. Must have a capacity of at least 600 people.

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